This is armhf Debian source package build service powered by Deb-o-Matic

Welcome to debomatic web interface. Here you can monitor debomatic service, browse the packages already built and real-time check the building process of a new incoming package.

Most of these actions can be taken in distribution page.

If you want a bit customization check the preferences page out.

Account Request

For build account requests please mail .

Remember: if you do not find here what you are looking for, you are always able to browse debomatic static directory in this page.

To upload packages, you may want to add these entries to your dput configuration:


    "allow_dcut": true,
    "meta": "debomatic",
    "fqdn": "debomatic-armhf.debian.net",
    "incoming": "/srv/debomatic-armhf",
    "login": "debomatic",
    "method": "sftp",
    "check-debs": { "skip": true }


Not currently supported, see #505173

About debomatic

Deb-o-Matic is an easy to use utility to build Debian source packages, meant to help developers to automate building of their packages with limited user interaction and a simple startup configuration.

It provides some useful features such as automatic chroot update, rebuilds of source packages, post-build checks, and much more.

It is also extendable using modules that are loaded and executed during the build phases.

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About this interface

debomatic-webui is a web interface for Deb-o-Matic aims to give to users a simple way to browse logs and to know what's going on debomatic build service providing a real-time packages status.

This interface is built up on node platform and uses intensely socket.io and jquery technologies.

Whenever you want to leave a suggestion or file a bug report, please open a new issue.

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